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Core Values

CrowdOut was born out of a desire to improve the credit market for middle market companies, while offering private investment access to an otherwise walled-off segment of the economy. We have built CrowdOut on four core values that help us protect our investors capital while helping businesses flourish. Our core values, below, work together to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.


We do what we say.

It is paramount to us that we operate with full integrity and honesty. We treat everyone with the same dignity and respect that we wish to be treated with, as well as do all that we can to live up to our obligations.


We say who we are.

We are radically focused on full transparency in our business, both with investors and borrowers. We believe it is extremely important to be open and honest with everyone, sharing our incentives, motivations and thoughts.


We streamline direct lending.

We seek to broaden the direct lending market to include as many borrowers and investors as possible. This often means taking greater efforts to make capital available to qualified borrowers, as well as extend those investment opportunities to as many investors as possible.


We are smarter together.

We continually strive to improve everything that we do at CrowdOut, seeking to learn at every turn and benefit from the wisdom of our crowd. We bring together the expertise and experiences of hundreds of investors, owners, operators, and advisors, adopting best practices, frameworks and thought technologies.

Our core values continue to give us an incredibly robust framework for investing, helping us differentiate ourselves both to potential borrowers and to discerning investors.


Our platform allows individuals and institutions to invest directly into loans of middle market companies, which represent the backbone of our economy

Alexander Schoenbaum


  • Founded: 2015
  • Total loan origination: $350+ million
  • Billions of dollars of loan opportunities reviewed per year



  • Austin Inno on Fire (2018)
  • M&A Advisor 2018 Emerging Leaders
  • KPMG / University of Michigan – Quantum Shift

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