General Questions

What is CrowdOut Capital?

How does CrowdOut make money?

What is a marketplace lending platform?

What type of company does CrowdOut loan to?

What is a middle market company?

Where can I receive more detailed information?

Investor Questions

Am I debited immediately when I contribute to a project?

Can I update/cancel my investment after the offering has ended?

Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest in CrowdOut loans?

How can I pay?

How do I receive payments?

How do I invest?

How much does it cost to contribute to a project on this platform?

I changed my mind, can I update/cancel my investment?

Is there an investment minimum?

Is this a safe investment?

What happens if an investment doesn’t reach its funding goal?

When do I get my principal back?

When I purchase Notes, am I loaning directly to a company?

When I purchase Notes to invest in a loan, is it a private offering?

Company Questions

When my company received an investment from CrowdOut, do I have to work with individual investors?

What will the interest rate be for my company’s loan?

How much does it cost to raise funds?

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