Invest with professionals and institutions earning 7-14% in the $1+ trillion middle market debt industry

CrowdOut's Demonstrated Performance


Average annualized net return to investors since inception**

12-36 months

Target loan duration

$250 million

Loan volume originated

$40+ million

Investor distributions since inception

Invest Like a Professional

CrowdOut levels the playing field for both investors and borrowers in the institutional loan market. Join insurance companies, banks, pension funds, family offices and executives by investing in a lower correlated, higher yielding asset class that offers the most competitive risk adjusted return.

Our platform allows individuals and institutions to participate in private debt even footing with industry executives and professional investors. We focus on to middle market companies, which are the backbone of the U.S. economy.

Loan Criteria

CrowdOut works with a variety of companies across North America. We look for profitable, established business that are seeking reasonable debt levels and meet the following criteria:

  • done Loan Sizes: $5 – $50mm
  • done Revenue: $10+ million
  • done EBITDA: $2+ million
  • done Industry agnostic
  • done Seasoned management team or equity sponsor
  • done Loan exit strategy
  • done Reasonable leverage ratios

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Monthly, CrowdOut makes direct deposits to your designated bank account. You will also receive monthly statements from our independent third-party administrator.

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